Yakeshi Hub Development

Yakeshi Hub Development

Yakeshi is a city situated in central Mongolia, situated 1700 km north of Beijing, China. It has a population of 391,627 people and an area of 27,590 square kilometres, accounting for 11.11% of the total area of Hulunbeier league. Yakeshi is rich in natural resources, which provides unlimited business opportunities for investors. There has been a vast economic development in the region since 2008 on i.e. the area of forestry industry dairy industries and agricultural industrialization. It is even ranked ‘most potential investment area’ in western china for consecutive years.

The city is crossed by the Binzhou railroad, which runs from Harbin to Manzhouli on the Russian border. With a total length of 934.8 km (481 mi), the railroad is a major rail transport corridor across Northeast China, traversing many large cities in Inner Mongolia and the Heilongjiang province. Three4life is highly concerned with the economic development of this transport hub and has recently started several collaborations with institutions in Yakeshi, which  are expected to come about in the near future.

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