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Unique Approach

Three4Life is an open member organisation, which promotes the interest of Dutch businesses in the sectors AgriFood & Technology, Energy and Water on an international level.

Three4Life focuses on sustainable joint initiatives, services and products that contribute to World ‘Life’ Security: Food Security, Water Security, and Sustainable Energy Management.

Our activities are based on the AgriFood, Water and Energy Nexus: the fact that AgriFood & Technology, Energy and Water sectors are inextricably linked and affect each other. We believe that the smartest solutions for Food, Water and Energy Security are found when these sectors are involved already in the identification of the issue at hand.

While in Three4Life businesses are the lead, we also involve Academia and Government in our plans and activities. Read more >>

Agro, Food & Technology
Dutch Sector Facts & Figures

The Netherlands are well known for their entrepreneurship and academic research on agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, water and food technology….. Read more>>

Dutch Sector Facts & Figures

The Dutch are eager to learn and generous in sharing their knowledge. Education and business development fuel the drive for research and development in general….. Read more>>

Dutch Sector Facts & Figures

Water, both fresh and salty, has always been a loyal companion and profoundly distrusted rival of the Dutch…. Read more>>

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  • 12 Mar
  • Swaziland – Netherlands Forum

    Rotterdam – Our Mr. Jan Hak was involved in the Swaziland – Netherlands Forum held at Deloitte in Rotterdam resulting in the signing of a […]